hum dansoundart


From 2000 to 2013 I was the artistic director and principal performer of a Toronto-based interdisciplinary performance company called hum dansoundart. My primary collaborator in that endeavor was composer and guitarist, Nilan Perera, working with what is felt in the gut, prior to language, and made manifest in the dialogue between voice and movement as components of embodied experience. hum works took, as their base vocabulary, the immersive and co-dependent integration of movement, sound, text, theatre, and other media in the search for clear and provocative means through which to communicate and express vital (if elusively ineffable) human experiences. For over a decade, hum built a dynamic, emotionally charged repertoire that has been critically acclaimed across Canada.

Though the company is currently dormant as I continue to create and perform as an independent artist, you can still visit hum‘s (vastly out-of-date) website here.

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