For the moment, I am putting material from all projects together on this page, from most recent to oldest. Pour l’instant, je mets le matériel de tous les projets sur cette page, du plus récent au plus vieux.

Collaboration with French trio Rrève Sélavy (2018 – present)

Ongoing collaboration in improvisation and composition with Frédéric BBriet (contrebasse), Nicolas Pointard (battérie) and Christophe Rocher (clarinettes)

Excerpt of 2022 Concert au Presbyt`ère, Douarnenez, France

Impossibly Happy (2019)

Poetry by Ikkyu set in songs and dances by Susanna Hood and created with Julie Houle – tuba, voice; Lucy M. May – movement, voice; D. Alex Meeks – drums, voice; Sovann Prom-Tep – movement, voice; Jennifer Thiessen – viola, voice

Excerpt from 2019 performance, produced by No Hay Banda at Sala Rossa, Montréal

Duo with Peter Jacquemyn (2019)

Ongoing improvisational duo between Susanna Hood and Belgian bassist Peter Jacquemyn.

Susanna Hood – movement & voice; Peter Jacquemyn – double bass & voice

Tortues Vapeur (2019)

Musical recording duo with turntablist, Martin Tétreault. Listen to or purchase our music on the MicroClimat bandcamp page.

Music Is… (2016)

Final project as part of the PARTS Research Studios Pilot #2. Based on a score created by composer Martin Arnold and recomposed by Susanna Hood (voice, movement) with performers: Vicente Colomar – movement, voice; Talia DeVries – movement, voice; Simon Fortin – drums, movement, voice; Hanna Kölbel – cello, movement, voice; and Carlos Siega – guitar, movement, voice