News – May 2023




We have just launched a month-long fundraising campaign to support the recording and production of a new album by Susanna’s trio with pianist Tania Gill and saxophonist Kayla Milmine. A true project of the heart, “unPacked” is a reimagining of the 1995 “Packet Suite” with words by the late, American and feminist poet, theatre-maker, and activist Judith Malina and music by late, American jazz composer and musician Steve Lacy.

Visit our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE through Friday, June 30th!

As a lead-up to the recording the trio will be playing the suite both at the Suonil per Il Popolo Festival in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal on June 15 (details here), and at the Something Else! Festival in Attiwandaronia/Hamilton on June 24 (details here).

When performed live, these audacious new arrangements by the trio blur the lines between what is heard and what is seen. At the heart of the suite, a provocation: the emotional, embodied, unfettered female voice. Heart-felt, yet unsentimental, these eight songs hold no punches as they bring voice to a woman’s later life, grappling with imperfection, sexism, paradox, grit, beauty, regret, invisibility, death and love.

“Remarkably, Susanna Hood proves to be impeccable when it comes to interpreting Steve Lacy’s repertoire of magnificent songs… her voice, expressive and sumptuous…” – Montreal drummer, Michel F Côté


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